SymborsProductsLeverageOpen TimeClose TimeTime Zone
XAUUSDGold1:100Monday 01:00Friday 00:00London
XAGUSDSilver1:100Monday 01:00Friday 00:00London
BRENTBrent Crude Oil1:100Monday 01:00Friday 23:00London
WTIWTI Crude Oil1:100Monday 17:00Friday 16:00Chicago

What influences the prices of commodities?

  • The price of the US Dollar

    Since commodities are priced in US Dollars, the fluctuation of the USD has a direct effect on the trading price of commodities such as oil, gas, coffee and soy beans.

  • Natural disasters

    Extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, can have a dramatic effect on the prices of commodities.

  • Geopolitical events

    International diplomacy, civil disruptions and exchange rate fluctuations can increase volatility in the oil and gas markets substantially.

  • OPEC’s production targets

    The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is comprised of 14 nations. OPEC sets production targets for its members in order to regulate the supply. As a rule of thumb, when production targets are reduced, the price of oil rises.