Commodities cover energy, agriculture and metals products. These products are traded in futures markets, with metals and energies traded against major currencies and agriculture futures contracts are traded as stand-alone contracts.

With BPS Capital, you can trade these metals as commodities on the MT4 platform in the same way as regular Forex currency trading.
Trading metals requires no physical purchase of the commodity. Instead, you simply trade on the real-time price movements of the asset, meaning you have potential to profit whether the market is going up or down.

What influences the prices of commodities?

  • The price of the US Dollar

    Since commodities are priced in US Dollars, the fluctuation of the USD has a direct effect on the trading price of commodities such as Gold, Oil, Natural Gas, soy beans, etc.

  • Natural disasters

    Extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, can have a dramatic effect on the prices of commodities, as they can affect their production output.

  • Geopolitical events

    International diplomacy, civil disruptions and exchange rate fluctuations can increase volatility in the oil and gas markets substantially.

  • OPEC's targets

    The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) sets production targets for its members in order to regulate the supply. As a result, when production targets are reduced or expanded, the price of oil is affected.

Commodity Market Contract Specifications




Open Time

Close Time

Time Zone




Monday 01:00

Friday 00:00





Monday 01:00

Friday 00:00



Brent Crude Oil


Monday 01:00

Friday 23:00





Sunday 15:00

Friday 16:00


Why trade gold, silver and other precious metals ?

Trading in gold is considered an excellent way to add protection to trading portfolios, because gold prices tend to negatively correlate with stock markets.

Inflation Protection:

Precious metals have the potential to hold their value when currency depreciates.

Hedge against global events:

Gold is the go-to safe-haven investment, meaning that during any periods of financial instability, political crisis or lower interest rate periods, investors are drawn to gold. This results in a generally negative correlation with the US Dollar

Why Trade Oil ?

Crude oil, also known as petroleum or 'black gold' is one of the world’s most essential and widely traded commodities. The price of oil is determined by a range of factors, including economic supply and demand, political volatility in oil producing countries and even technological advancements in the production of alternate fuels. Professional crude oil traders often trade one of the oil products against another to take advantage of their ever changing price relationship, giving you the ability to profit whether the market is rising or falling.

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